Minimates Toys R Us Heralds Of Galactus Box Set

Sometimes you feel like the universe is listening to you.  Other times you don’t.  I can’t really explain how long I’ve waited for Morg.   Not only do I get him but I get 3 of his closest friends!   The best part, if you look hard enough, you can grab them too!


The Good:

  • He comes with a little teeny tiny baby Silver Surfer!
  • Excellent molded costume detail heels to helmet tips.

The Bad:

  • His head is firmly stuck in his helmet.  Not sure if it’s how it’s supposed to be or if mine just has a little plastic shrink.  One way or the other I don’t want to force it because I really dig this figure.


The Good:

  • Exceptional stand and outstanding axe.
  • Excellent fine point paint detail.
  • I’ve got Terrax a few times over from the classic Toy Biz era to the current Legends BAF and this little guy fits in and holds it’s own very well.

The Bad:

  • Love him, nothing negative to report.


The Good:

  • My favorite Herald (besides the Surfer).
  • The arm bracers and the boots both look and fit perfect.
  • The bald top and tuft of white hair looks outstanding.

The Bad:

  • The axe is scale perfect…but a little bigger never hurt nobody…oh wait.

Nova (Frankie Raye)

The Good:

  • I will never complain about well done flame hair.
  • Excellent face detail.

The Bad:

  • Really had a hard time working out the stand.  I wasn’t ever able to get it to really sit right.  **Update** Please note, I’m not removing this.  I’m dumb and you should all know that.  After some instruction from Zach over at Minimates base camp, I was told that a little tip piece of Nova’s hair comes off and the stand fits nicely inside forming an outstanding single piece.  Thanks Zach!
  • I know Nova has been colored differently at different times, but the silvers on Minimates sparkle and shine better than most other toy lines.  I would have loved to have seen the gold do the same here.


The Rest:

  • It took me a while to track this down.  Even the one I found looks like it went through the ringer.  That’s a testament to how great this set is.  I’ll never back away from action figures because of a bad box, I display loose anyway.  This did help to inspire a hunt though, let’s put together all of the Heralds and I think I did a great job of that.  You can check out the pictures for all of the collected Heralds (Surfer, Air Walker, Firelord, Destroyer).  Who are we missing…The Fallen One…consider him on my wish list.


  • You can pick up The Heralds of Galactus Box Set at Toys R Us if you are lucky enough to find one still in stock.  There is a reason, folks, that these are difficult to find.  They are absolutely fantastic pieces.  Get your hands on them if you can!

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