Minimates The Worthy Box Set

I gave the impressions of the Fear Itself story line in last weeks Minimates review (The Mighty).  Here, I’ll talk about a few different things.  First and foremost, can’t stand Hells Kitchen, drives me nuts, yet because I’m married, I have seen pretty much every episode.  Now that that is off my chest, let’s talk about The Worthy!  Four of the most evil, unstoppable villains the Marvel Universe has ever seen.  Red Skull’s Daughter, The Serpent, a more evil Grey Gargoyle and a really mad Thing.  (Skadi, The Serpent, Mokk and Angrir).  I feel like a bit of a broken record but Minimate plastic is golden plastic and once again they have absolutely nailed these characters in this scale like no other in even larger scales.


The Good:

  • The amount of depth that can be added through a paint application alone is staggering and displayed in outstanding fashion here.
  • Add to the depth brought by paint, the depth brought by ornamentation and accessory.  Shoulder armor, hair, hammer, they all mesh well together

The Bad:

  • The Red Skull was always one of my least favorite villains.  Not because he wasn’t bad, but because I just didn’t enjoy reading his style of bad.  That said, I don’t much care for his daughter either…but the figure is awesome.


The Good:

  • We get the Grey Gargoyle!
  • He looks even meaner than usual.
  • As usual, laser fine detail.
  • Shoulder pads, greaves, head spikes, I wouldn’t mess with Mokk and I probably wouldn’t mess with this 2 inch tall version of him either…

The Bad:

  • It took us this long to get a stellar Grey Gargoyle.


The Good:

  • The Thing like you have never seen him before.
  • Something that I haven’t really addressed and that is regrettable to this point, is that the paint applications, specifically on these Asgardian touched figures, the glow is captured in fantastic fashion.  The paint almost hums off of these tiny masterpieces, Angrir more so than the others, but they all look fantastic.

The Bad:

  • The weird fleshy bits put me off in the comic, they put me off a little here too…

The Serpent

The Good:

  • The Grand Pooba of this motley crue, the Serpent captures the sneaky evil that he was portrayed with in the comics.
  • The ornamentation on the weaponry may go unnoticed at first glance..but look again…go ahead, it’s pretty freakin’ sweat.
  • The way the long hair blends with the cape works very well here.

The Bad:

  • Guy was really kind of a d1ck…

The Rest:

  • It is no surprise, each Minimates set is generally better than the last.  Just stop goofing around and go get this.


  • Get em alone, or get em with The Mighty, but go get them soon because if they are still available, they probably won’t be for all that long.

The Comic:

The Pictures:

MUReview received these products for free.

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