Minimates The Mighty Box Set

Marvel had this neat thing before The Avengers teed off against The X-Men, it’s starting to dim in many peoples minds, but it was full of a lot of fun battles, a lot of interesting story lines, and we have Art Asylum to thank for keeping us fresh on this.  Oh right…this, I’m talking about Fear Itself!  The event re-imagined many of our favorite heros, villans, and in some cases, heroes as villains.  Captured in Minimate form, they do not disappoint!

Iron Man

The Good:

  • One of Stark’s more interesting armors, forged in the fires of Asgard, the important thing here.  The helmet comes off to show excellent facial detail.
  • Why just have a stand when you can have a burst of flame coming out of your feet!!  Iron Man’s stand allows for excellent blast off poses.
  • Excellent fine point armor detail, clean lines, as always exceptional paint application.  Working in this scale, I’m always impressed with how well this line does.

The Bad:

  • I wouldn’t say a negative in any respect, but maybe a missed opportunity to put Stark in his Asgardian armor through letting the ‘user’ build it on him.  It’s an awesome box set, that’s probably asking a lot.


The Good:

  • Once again, really fine detail here, tons of tightly spaced pin point lines.
  • All of Spidey’s accessories are nice snug fits with no wiggle or fall out.

The Bad:

  • I think it’s time, and maybe it’s just me, for us to start consistently getting Spider-Man figures with removable masks.


The Good:

  • Brilliant coloring here, more finely detailed lines.
  • Minimate artists should be proud of themselves, I’m near gushing but I picture people with very tiny hands painting with very tiny paintbrushes to make very tiny prototypes absolutely perfect.
  • Always love accessories, and Hawkeye has some nice ones with the swappable hair / mask, bow, arrows.  LOVE the quiver.

The Bad:

  • Little tiny loose arrows means lost little tiny loose arrows.


The Good:

  • Odin is the beefy figure of the bunch here, loaded with armor and decked out in all kindsa ornaments.
  • Odin is made to look every bit the monarch that turned the wheels to put an end to the chaos wrought in Fear Itself.  The helmet, the cape, the color all just ooze power.

The Bad:

  • Odin is prone to loosing feet / shin pieces.
  • Nothing to do with Minimates.  Seriously Odin, you could have hooked up these heroes something lovely 5 minutes before the Serpent decided to start getting uppity and this story line could have been put to a decisive end.  I enjoyed it…but come on man, …come on.


The Rest:

  • This is a really fantastic set.  We get four heroes never before seen in plastic form. …I’ve never seen them before this in plastic anyway and I don’t have a need to look any further.  All four characters are perfect representations in this scale and any complaints I have are nit-picky and nominal.  You should go get this.


  • You can go get this.  You can also get the Worthy set which is equally full of awesome.


The Pictures:

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