Minimates The Infinity Gauntlet Box Set

Released in November of 2009,


The Good:

  • Awesomely articulated shoulder ‘banana’ piece
  • He’s got the Infinity Gauntlet, Nuff’ Said.
  • Swappable gloveless hands make for nice scene creation.
  • Solid tunic and helmet design.

The Bad:

  • We don’t say bad things about Thanos.

Drax The Destroyer

The Good:

  • Big, mean and green.
  • Cape fits solidly.
  • Excellent bracer pieces.
  • Really nice, bright colors.

The Bad:

  • I’m being honest here…this figure is outstanding…but, he didn’t come with a free ice cream cone, so there is that.

Adam Warlock

The Good:

  • His exceptional golden mane is well represented.
  • The facial orange is nailed.
  • Excellent detail on the clasp area of the cape.

The Bad:

  • So I’m going to start getting picky on the good guy…because he can’t come get me, something about a code of ethics.  His cane is a bit of a b#tch to keep in his hand.
  • I know it’s natural for the outfit, but compared to the bright glow of the other figures in this set, the black especially, has a dull look to it…as black goes.


The Good:

  • Mephisto is near and dear to my heart.  His Bowen likeness adorns the top of my computer cabinet with some very elite company and it’s because I’m a fan.  The Minimate version holds up very well to this iconic representation of the pseudo prince of darkness.
  • Brilliant red, nice detail on the body.
  • The face is easily the most detailed of the set, looks great.
  • Lve the loin cloth / sash and the cape and the overall fit of each piece.

The Bad:

  • Usually Minimates with a cape are a little easier to stand but I have to do some funny tricks with gravity to get Mephisto level enough to not blow over.
  • I know this is ‘the bad’, but let me tell you Mephisto’s hair is bad…like 1970s walking around with a boom box bad.  I love it!


The Rest:

  • Furthering myself down the Minimates Cosmic rabbit hole, this set made absolute perfect set.  The Infinity Gauntlet series is really THE series that started my passion for comics.  I couldn’t possibly pass this up, and if you are into Minimates, you shouldn’t either…if you can find it.


  • As with many of the mates that I may end up reviewing here, this set has seen it’s time on store shelves and that was a little while ago.  I’m talking years.  If you can find this set, it won’t be in it’s original 14.99 – 19.99 price range.  You are looking at a $50 cost of entry minimum, but if you can find it for that or less, it’s a bargain at …never mind it’s expensive, but it’s awesome.


Sorry kids, no comic this time.  There is nothing funny about the ultimate destruction of the Marvel Universe.  The heroes showed up in the nick of time with this one.

The Pictures:


 MUReview received this product for free for review purposes.
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