Minimates: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shredder

Here he is, the BIG BAD of the Turtle Universe.  Shredder, the stuff of evil legend, and Minimates captures him in all of his terrible glory!


The Good:

  • Of COURSE he has a disfigured face! And of COURSE it looks awesome!
  • Removable shreddy cape and bracers!
  • This dude is sharp! (ha! get it?)
  • Excellent detail on the scalloped chest armor.
  • This Shredder definitely has two legs!

The Bad:

  • Shredder’s helmet was a little tough to take off the first time, but I get that it has to be so it doesn’t just flop off everywhere.

The Rest:

  • Shredder is another great reason to pick up a full case of Minimate Turtles.  In the case, you’ll get two….why wouldn’t you want two Shredders instead of one?  I mean, come on, really?  It’s like having one slice of pizza, instead of two….just get two slices! (pun – delivered)


The Pictures:


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