Minimates: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Raphael

I remember watching Raphael as a kid, and as a young adult, and now as a parent.  What has persisted has always been this.  What a jerk… Persistently throughout my life, Raphael’s behavior has been just, really bad.  That doesn’t taint the character, it makes the character though, and thankfully, he’s captured very well, with just the right amount of attitude by Diamond Select.


The Good:

  • The facial expression is perfectly Raph, smug and kind of a dick.
  • As with his mutagen based counter-part, this full colored, full of life Raphael has his most important detail! The front chip on the top of his front shell!
  • Sais fit perfectly in hands and holsters.
  • Raph is the most richly green colored turtle and it is well captured.

The Bad:

  • The figure is awesome, but Raph still pisses me off.
  • While the chip in the shell looks good, it’d be neat to see the shell actually chipped.

The Rest:

  • If you buy a case, you get two Raphaels.  One to treat like garbage because he’s a jerk, and one to treasure.  Seriously though, don’t treat your toys like garbage…that makes you a jerk.


The Pictures:


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