Minimates: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Mutagen Raphael

It is with great pleasure that I kick off this look at an awesome line of Minimate figures with the Mutagen Raphael figure.  What the heck is a Mutagen Raphael?  Well, it’s a Raphael figure from the Minimates toy line that I would equate with something that was doused in Mutagen ooze and is slightly translucent and glowy, but entirely awesome.

Mutagen Raphael

The Good:

  • Though this figure is without a full paint job due to the clear plastic showing, attention is still paid to the Raphael shell chip on his upper left front chest!
  • Sharp detail on the bandanna to show “fighting eyes”.
  • True of the line, the figures feel very sturdy and hold together very very well.
  • Faithful to the Turtle, with all the right Sai holders in all the right places.

The Bad:

  • The case seems only to be with the Mutagen flavor in this line, the hands are a little bit more rigid and more tightly closed, making it a little bit difficult to set weapons in grips, at least the first time.  I had to use a keyring to stretch things out a bit.

The Rest:

  • Mutagen Raphael is a fantastic figure and a tough one to find.  If you can get your hands on him though, absolutely worth the purchase!


The Pictures:


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