Minimates: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Mutagen Leonardo

Let us embark upon our second look at the Mutagen flavored Minimates Turtles with Leonardo.  These fun little guys are the absolute most rare of rare.  However, in the case of Leonardo, if you are early enough to the store on unboxing day, you have a really good chance.  Raphael is your retail store Mutagen variant.  Michelangelo is the KMart exclusive Mutagen variant, and you will find Leonardo in the on peg, non-blind 2-packs now on shelves (I saw my first few at Toys R Us just before Christmas).  So technically, this is our first deviation from the blind bag set, but still, an awesome Mutagenic figure, so let us proceed.

Mutagen Leonardo

The Good:

  • The cold white eyes of battle action Leonardo are perfectly captured here.
  • Leo’s facial expression is just right here, the calculating smirk of a true leader.
  • Katana scabbard harness is easily made out even though there is no formal coloring tot he figure apart from the bandanna.
  • Katana’s look really cool in clear green.

The Bad:

  • As with Mutagen Raphael, Leo’s hands are a little more rigid and tough to get swords into than the standard Leo in the line.

The Rest:

  • Totally didn’t realize this because I went to eBay to grab mine, but these little guys are sold in two-packs with a key ring.  That’s kinda neat!


The Pictures:


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