Minimates: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Footbot

The difference between a Footbot and a Foot Soldier is a hell of a lot of mean.  About four arms worth.  Also important to note…there should always be a lot of Footbots and Foot Soldiers, mainly because the Turtles are really good at kicking Foot tail.  DST of course delivers! Especially if you buy a case of Turtles Minimates!


The Good:

  • Not one, not two, not even 3…but FOUR! Arms!  All tipped with interesting weapons.
  • Alternate hands included to hold somewhat more traditional instruments of doom.
  • As always, the character represented is exceptionally well captured in Minimate plasticky goodness!
  • Multiple Footbot figures are included with a case to lend to army building.

The Bad:

  • Nothing here, these are very well done!

The Rest:

  • The only shame in getting a Footbot is if you get just one!


The Pictures:


MUReview received these products for free.



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