Minimates: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles April

In my watching of the 2012 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series…and I do watch, constantly with my four year old and two year old, I have come to a few conclusions, but one of the more important in my opinion…is that April is a user, and she is totally leading on Donnie and that’s just not right.  This poor sweet turtle is head over heels for her, and she just leads him on and on, until he gets close, she freaks out, and then, when he decides he’s had enough, she pulls him back in.  Don’t worry Donnie, I’m lookin’ out for ya.  That said, her crumby treatment of friends bares no impact on this as usual, brilliant figure from Diamond Select Toys!


The Good:

  • Kunoichi weapon, boom!
  • Just an absolutely perfect Minimate recreation of the cartoon April.  There is nothing not to love she’s dead on.
  • The cuts and detail on the clothing, love it!
  • Hair and makeup is spot on.

The Bad:

  • Now…I really like the figure, but I have to share a negative from my four year old.  “Her ears look like sausages”.  I’ll leave that there, and you can be your own judge with the images below.
  • I’m still very mad about how she treats Donnie.

The Rest:

  • If you pick up a case, you get two of her, and that’s fantastic, because that one clone April episode that one time….


The Pictures:


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