Minimates Strange Tales Box Set

One of the biggest holes in my Minimates collection to date has been Doctor Strange.  I poked around the Internets, and filling that hole to this point would have been insanely expensive as his only release has become very hard to find.  Enter the Strange Tales box set, and thank goodness!! We get my favorite outfit Doctor Strange and a solid 3 supporting characters in Werewolf, Blade and Morbius.

Dr. Strange

The Good:

  • Doc’s hands are out of this world.  The ‘magic’ effect is something I wouldn’t have even been able to dream of as possible in this scale.
  • Fine detail, outstanding replication of the Sorcerer Supreme.
  • This is hands down the best Minimates Doctor Strange available and it’s a disservice to your collection not to own him.

The Bad:

  • Nothing to speak of, I absolutely love The Good Doctor…oooh!! He doesn’t come with a hidden Infinity Gem?  That counts?  Nah…


The Good:

  • Little, fury, awesome feet.
  • It’s exceptional design when you can make me believe paint is fur.

The Bad:

  • Not a knock on the figure, it’s great, I just don’t care about the character.


The Good:

  • I’m never going to be mad at a flight stand included!
  • Excellent facial detail, you can very clearly see how he is both living and dead.
  • Classic representation of the character.
  • Outstanding execution of mini-cape.

The Bad:

  • Again, not a knock on the character, just not my thing. If he wasn’t packaged in here I wouldn’t seek him out.


The Good:

  • I am always going to be a fan of any figure that features any sort of presto change-o that Minimates decides to offer, and Blade delivers here!  Apologies for not picturing, I wanted to get this review to you this week and I am mired in a month and a half long basement renovation, but trust me, he changes and it’s awesome!  Different arms, take off the vest, great stuff!
  • Really nifty stake throw accessory hand.

The Bad:

  • As the on screen representation fades in our memories, I’m left with a familiar lingering feeling.  I just never really cared about this character.

The Rest:

  • This package is literally a bargain at twice the price for Doctor Strange alone.  You also get the added bonus of some vintage and well designed characters.


  • First rounds of this have been sold out all over the place.  There is Amazon, eBay and resellers where you can probably find this for a little bit more than the standard cost of entry and it’s still worth it, so go get it.

The Comic: Sorry folks, no comic this week.

The Pictures:

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