Minimates: SDCC 2013 Exclusive – Iron Man 3 – Hall of Armor 

I know I’m a little late to the punch here, and because of that I will make this kind of a different review.  We are going to have a look at the 2013 SDCC exclusive Minimates Iron Man Hall of Armor set.  This epic set came out at last years SDCC hot on the heels of the success of Iron Man 3.  This set is a behemoth featuring 10 different figures, 8 Iron Man armors in total.

I said that I would take this a slightly different route.  It’s already been out for some time and even folks that weren’t at SDCC 2013 had a good shot at picking it up, they even still can at sites like Big Bad Toy Store.  The things I have to say that are great about the set apply to each figure, the down sides, also apply to each figure.  So We can address them first and then I’m just gonna show you a bunch of pictures that I had fun taking.

Also, check out SDCC 2014 for some amazing DST exclusives including the Days of Future Past X-Men set!

The Good:

  • Fine line detail. Exceptional paint applications.
  • Fantastic attention to character detail.  The snozberries always taste like snozberries with Minimates!
  • You get a Pepper and a Tony!  Marks I – VII and XLII!

The Bad:

  • The armors are house party protocol only.  Granted, you can swap Tony’s head for any of the armors at any time, none of the helmets are hiding a tiny Tony face.

Mark I


Mark II


Mark III


Mark IV


Mark V


Mark VI


Mark VII




Pepper Potts


Tony Stark



  • Amazon,  Big Bad Toy Store, eBay.  This was an SDCC exclusive folks, you aren’t walking into Toys R Us and picking one up.


The Family Pictures:



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