Minimates: Guardians of the Galaxy – Ronan and Star Lord

The Big Bad and the swashbuckling hero from Guardians of the Galaxy feature as our next look at the Minimates set of the same name.  Ronan and Star Lord come with the bells and whistles you’d hope for for the most part, let’s see how this goes!


The Good:

  • Ronan’s facial detail is perfectly captured in Mini form with sharp lines, bright colors and fine detail.
  • Exceptional uniform detail with removable Sash and Cowl (down to the shoulders).
  • Removing the cowl confirms…he’s bald!!
  • Meaty hammer that fits perfectly in his hand.

The Bad:

  • The meaty hammer…it would be nice if it had a lil’ Infinity gem in it.

Star Lord

The Good:

  • Removable / swappable helmet / hair works perfectly to show off the movie experience.
  • Element guns look great and fit nicely in the hand.
  • Star Lord includes walkman and headphones!!
  • Facial detail includes five o’ clock shadow.
  • Star Lords jacket is just layered in detail, first it’s color, then etched sharp lines, looks great!

The Bad:

  • In the movie, Star Lord has a myriad of nifty coats and outfits.  It would have been awesome if we at least got the short coat and the long coat.
  • The headphones…they just don’t fit over the hair.
  • No holsters here.
  • Pelvic Sorcery not included.


The Rest:

  • Ronan and Star  Lord are an excellent set in the Guardians of the Galaxy Minimates series and you should probably go get it today.  Because…I said.



Ronan and Star Lord Pictures:

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