Minimates: Guardians of the Galaxy – Nebula and Sakaar Trooper

Just in time for the upcoming home release of Marvel’s third highest grossing movie of all time, Guardians of the Galaxy (DVD / Blu Ray December 9th), we here at are proud, nay, privileged to bring you a look at the incredible Minimates Guardians of the Galaxy figures!


The Good:

  • One of my favorite things about Minimates is always just how incredible the paint application is, how fine and clean the lines are. Nebula doesn’t disappoint!
  • Facial detail and sharpness are second to none here!
  • In Minimate form you can do some really nice “twisting her up” movie style.

The Bad:

  • I would have loved to have a Nebula based accessory to set up a more deadly fight between Nebula and Gamora.


Sakaar Trooper

The Good:

  • These poor fellows, the throw aways of the movie get a nice treatment here!  Excellent facial…non-detail showcases the mysteriousness of the characters they represent.
  • Blaster included, and as usual it fits perfectly in hand.
  • The level of detail that Diamond Select is able to capture in this scale is absolutely staggering.  There are fine paint details that you won’t find on figures in 6 or 12 inch scales!

The Bad:

  • I know it probably doesn’t fit marketing mold, but as a collector, here and with the Nova Centurion, I would have loved to see a 2 pack of just the Trooper / Centurion, it’d be fantastic for army building!
  • Short of pulling out the pliers I just couldn’t get this helmet off!


The Rest:

  • If you loved the movie, get this pack, then go get the rest of the set.  Other 2-packs feature Gamora and a Nova Centurion, Ronan and Star Lord, and Groot, Rocket Raccoon and Drax.  Keep coming back to MUReview over the course of the next week or so to have a look at all the lovely little pieces!


  • I really like to give you good folks a place you can actually go to buy this stuff.  Always like to give a nod to our sponsor, but you can’t get em there. Sold out!  Can’t send you to Diamond Select, no listed stock.  However, good old Toys R Us comes through in a pinch!  Available now!


Nebula and Sakaar Trooper Pictures:

Minimates: Guardians of the Galaxy Full Set Pictures:


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