Minimates: Guardians of the Galaxy – Gamora and Nova Corps Centurion

Next up in our look at the 4 2-packs from the Minimates Guardians of the Galaxy set, Gamora and the Nova Corps Centurion.  Each figure is very well executed, let’s see the finer points.


The Good:

  • Once again, incredible fine line detail, even the soft lines on the movie version of Gamora’s face are captured to a tee!
  • Removable hair…but why would you want to?
  • I feel like that’s a really nice sword, AND she’s really happy to see me.
  • Measures up very well to the previously / long since released Gamora comic version Minimate.

The Bad:

  • It would have been cool to have a way / place to hook Gamora’s sword to her.

Nova Corps Centurion

The Good:

  • Really perfectly captures the character as seen in the Guardians of the Galaxy film.  The uniform is spot on.
  • As always, the weapon sits well in the Mini hand.
  • Nova Corps vest is finely detailed.
  • The helmet Nova Burst is dead on, perfect.
  • Very nice multi-colored weapon.

The Bad:

  • With a pair of pliers, I was able to remove the helmet.  Sadly, no painted on hair.  Oh well!
  • As with the Sakaar Trooper, I’d of loved to have seen two Centurions to a pack to help with army building.


The Rest:

  • I’m gonna have to buy a few of these and hope I can find something to do with Gamora I think…


    • Not even Toys R Us has these pretties.  You are going to have to pay a little above retail and grab em on Amazon if you want them!


Gamora and Nova Corps Centurion Pictures:

Minimates: Guardians of the Galaxy Full Set Pictures:



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