Minimates: Guardians of the Galaxy – Drax Rocket Raccoon and Groot

Well here we go.  It’s time to have a look at what I consider to be the crown jewel of the Guardians of the Galaxy Minimate set.  Crown, because it’s got not only Rocket, not just Groot, but Drax too!!  The set is awesome, let’s check it out.


The Good:

  • The red tat work is perfect.
  • Outstanding Bautista facial expression is expertly captured.
  • Drax’s upper body is made beefier by a removable muscle vest, this vest makes the size dead on.
  • 2 knives…way better than 1 knife.

The Bad:

  • No holsters for his knives.
  • The nifty tattoo work is paint only, nothing molded.

Rocket Raccoon and Groot

The Good:

  • Rocket is adorable.
  • Rocket’s tail is an excellent assistant to insure balance.
  • Rocket features surprising articulation at hip / waist bend and elbows.
  • Rocket’s gun fits perfectly in his hand.
  • Groot looks perfect in scale with Rocket.
  • The detail work on Groot to showcase tree folds and even leaves is second to none.
  • The head molding captures Groot very well.

The Bad:

  • While Rocket is more atriculated than expected, there are some points of limitation that I would be remiss not to note.  His arms can’t swivel up or down.
  • Groot, in the movie, from my memory has big black soulful eyes.  This figure seems to show that the blacks are the pupil / iris and there appears to be a red outer piece representing the sclera?  Bet no one was expecting medical knowledge here?


The Rest:

  • It’s Rocket and Groot with a bonus of Drax.  Must have!



Rocket, Groot and Drax Pictures:

Minimates: Guardians of the Galaxy Full Set Pictures:




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