Minimates: Captain America: The Winter Soldier – Captain America and Winter Soldier

Well here it is, the crown jewel of the Captain America: The Winter Soldier Minimates wave, Cap and Winter Soldier themselves!

Captain America

The Good:

  • Cap is featured in his classic (as of the 2011 movie), spangled suit mimicking Old Glory herself in red, white and blue.
  • Once again, love the way Cap’s shield mounts to his arm with the secondary wrist piece.
  • Fine details on the helmet, as with the stealth suit, the chin strap is a different color than the cowl / helmet top.
  • Cap features tons of fine line detail to impress.

The Bad:

  • As with Stealth Suit Cap (with Brock Rumlow) the face here is the only thing for me that is off putting.  It’s just so pretty.

The Winter Soldier

The Good:

  • The Winter Solider comes with a ton of accessories!
  • Knives, and holsters for the knives.
  • All weapons fit in hand perfectly.
  • The steel arm looks fantastic!
  • Attention to detail to both masked and maskless head is highly appreciated.

The Bad:

  • In my Minimate collecting career this is one of the first times that I’ve encountered weapon attachment methods such that are displayed here.  I’d love to say hell yeah it’s awesome, but for me it really doesn’t work.  Unique to Winter Soldier, he has protruding posts on several parts of his body, call them normal holster points.  His weapons have divots / holes that are meant to line up with these posts and ‘snap on’.  Unfortuantely, the holes on the weapons aren’t / can’t be deep enough because they are so small, so that leads to frustration and weapons falling off left and right.


Weapon complaints aside, this is a very solid pack that deserves your attention.


  • LCS LCS LCS…and a lil’ luck.  Oh, we’re probably giving this away soon, so come on back now ya’here!


Captain America and the Winter Soldier Pictures:

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