Minimates: Captain America: The Winter Soldier – Captain America and Brock Rumlow

Captain America: The Winter Soldier featured on of Marvel’s most reveled baddies..before the mask. Brock Rumlow AKA Crossbones!  To say that Rumlow is infamous is an understatement, having pulled the trigger that ‘killed’ Captain America.  In the movie, we get to see Brock begin down his path to Crossboneyness, and in this 2-pack, we get two great figures.  One to become Crossbones and one to eventually be killed by him?  Nah, but I bet they can mix it up real good about now!

Captain America

The Good:

  • Cap is featured in his stealth suit with stealth shield and features both helmeted and helmet-less configurations.
  • This an, as usual, exceptional movie accurate portrayal by Minimates.
  • I’m a very big fan of the included alternate wrist band with shield holder.
  • You can also place the shield on Cap’s back.

The Bad:

  • I don’t know if this is the fault of the Minimate or the fault of Chris Evans.  The helmet-less configuration that shows Cap’s full face.  It feels too pretty to be Cap.  I picture him as clean cut, all American, but gritty.  Here…looks a little prissy.

Brock Rumlow

The Good:

  • Brock has Guns…lots of Guns. And HOLSTERS!
  • Removable vest shows off a movie accurate undershirt.
  • In addition to guns, Brock comes with a knife.  All weapons fit very well in hand.
  • Face is dead on, gritty and mean.

The Bad:

  • It wouldn’t have been true to the movie, but it’d of been cool to have a Crossbones masked head.


The Rest:

  • This was a great movie.  This is a set from the movie.  You should get this, because it features awesome characters and uniforms from the awesome movie.


  • Happy hunting.  Or just keep an eye here, we will be giving this away soon!


Captain America and Brock Rumlow Pictures:

Captain America: The Winter Soldier Group Pictures 

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