Minimates: Captain America: The Winter Soldier – Black Widow and Falcon

1 Million Thank Yous to Diamond Select Toys and Zach Oat for an incredible amount of Minimate love over the past couple of week.s  Thanks to Zach we have a ton of Minimates to look at and I want to get started on this second round with the first in a set of 4 2-packs from the Captain America Winter Soldier line.  This first look shows us Black Widow and Falcon, some really great stuff and almost no bad at all, shall we dive in?

Black Widow

The Good:

  • Has guns, has holsters, I will always mention it.  Since I was old enough to play with action figures, I have appreciated this feature.
  • For a blocky little human this looks a heck of a lot like Black Widow from the silver screen, she shows off Scarlet Johansson’s pouty lips and all!
  • Weapons fit snugly in hand so a brush by or even a shelf fall should find the Black Widow still holding tight.

The Bad:

  • Nah, I like what I see here…maybe just the pronounced manufacturing text white on black on her back quarters.


The Good:

  • Sam Wilson is a cool character.  This Minimate exudes cool.
  • I’m always a fan when we get a nice 2 in 1 set and with the Falcon we do.  We have The Falcon proper and also a heavily armed Sam Wilson.
  • Falcon gear looks incredible and movie accurate.
  • Sturdy figure, all pieces and flight stand hold together well.

The Bad:

  • My only peeve here, is once I took The Falcon apart to show off Sam, putting the Falcon back together again…I gave up.  I still can’t wrap my head around the right angles to put the wing pieces back together again!  *This is mostly because I’m an idiot.


The Rest:

  • This is a great set, but I will give this recommendation.  Carefully take off Sam’s wings so you can put them back on carefully.  I think I probably Hulk Smashed a little too hard on this one and The Falcon has suffered for it.


  • In stores now folks, but for how long?  Go get em!


Black Widow and Falcon Pictures:

Captain America: The Winter Soldier Group Pictures: 



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