Minimates: Captain America: The Winter Soldier – Agent Sitwell and Batroc

Let’s have a look today at the tough to find, 1-per-case Agent Sitwell and Batroc set from the Captain America: The Winter Soldier Minimates line.

Agent Sitwell

The Good:

  • That guy you discover is a wormy jerk-off is captured perfectly in plastic form!  He really does look like a wormy jerk-off!
  • Shady guy briefcase included.
  • Removable jacket, comes off to showcase what he looks like with no jacket on…jacket sleeves remain on.
  • Exceptionally clean lines on a perfect paint application.

The Bad:

  • Not a figure knock, just a character knock. This guy is a jerk-off….


The Good:

  • Batroc was cleverly depicted in Captain America The Winter Soldier as having, kinda close to his comic outfit, while having a strong grounding in the real world.  This is once again perfectly captured by Diamond Select Toys in this Minimate.
  • Removable vest shows off the purple and yellow underneath.
  • Freaking holsters! LOVE EM!

The Bad:

  • Batroc is french.


The Rest:

  • Batroc and Sitwell are almost like their very own Minimates Easter Egg of the Cap: Winter Soldier line.  Gotta see em, good luck finding em though!


  • Rut-row Raggy, these are sold out at our favorite online toy spot BBTS.  Keep yer eyes peeled!


Agent Sitwell and Batroc Pictures:

Captain America: The Winter Soldier Group Pictures:


MUReview received these products for free.


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