Minimates Best Of Wave 2 – Mr. Fantastic and Doctor Doom

Let me paint you a scene.  It’s Sunday.  I’m exhausted  spent Saturday cleaning our garage out.  I’ve got 20 Minimates to review thanks to the Marvelous folks over at Diamond Select Toys (see what I did right there?).  Taking pictures is often a daunting task, involves setup and navigating the process with a very active 3 year old in the mix.  Sometimes doing this can be a chore, especially after the above, but today…look, if you haven’t started collecting Minimates, the Best Of Wave 2 is a brilliant place to start.  Every box I opened today knocked my socks off.  Exceptionally impressed, accessories, detail, articulation, I can’t even explain to you how impressed I am. I’m still going to try.

Mr. Fantastic

The Good:

  • I’ve had a plastic problem for a long time now.  I have never gotten a fix this swathed in accessories that made so much sense for the figure.  You can make anything happen with this Mr. Fantastic.  This is a character that has been available in so many different forms, formats, variations, and finally here in 2 inch scale I get everything I want, things I didn’t even know I wanted.
  • A giant hand, an open giant hand, a set of spun up lower half legs, this is bananas and I don’t want to write about it I want to goof around with it on my desk.
  • Mr. Fantastic, outside of my blabberings about accessory is an accurate and faithful representation of one of the most brilliant minds of the Marvel Universe.  There is a very specific reason this made the Best of Wave 2 lineup…this is one of the best figures I now own.

The Bad:

  • Best of for a reason. I don’t even know what else I could ask for here.

Doctor Doom

The Good:

  • Doctor Doom is  again, accurate and faithful to the character.  He looks great.
  • Other formats have found an alternate head of Doom to be a mask off version. It’s not only nice, but interesting to see Minimates go with a broken / battle damaged robot face here.  Looks great!
  • Green of the cape pops.
  • If you give me a gun, give me a holster!  Minimates does that and it’s awesome!

The Bad:

  • The biggest downside of this figure is that he’s packed in with perfection.  Mr. Fantastic is so awesome that he almost takes away a little from Dr. Doom.


The Rest:

  • I had fun changing out accessories and creating poses.  My kid had fun and was intrigued just by Mr. Fantastic’s very presence.  This pack is worth it just for Fantastic alone and with Doom is a bargain at twice the price.


  • You can go buy this now.  Why are you still sitting here?

The Comic:


The Pictures:

 MUReview received this product for free for review purposes.
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