Minimates Best of Wave 2 – Hulk and Loki

This will make me unpopular.  I don’t mind so much, it’s my opinion and I’m allowed to have it.  I pay $120 a year to share it with all of you.  I could buy a new Dyson with that after…6 years.  I’m not a big Hulk fan.  I really really don’t like Loki.  Not as a villain, not as a character.  That said, I enjoyed their portrayal in Marvel’s the Avengers.  I like some of the Red Hulk stuff, and the Indestructible Hulk books are winning me over.  Whether I like the characters or not though (and that’s generally a large bias in figure reviews for me, I know, I’m sorry), Minimates Best Of Wave 2’s Hulk and Loki 2 pack is an absolute must have.


The Good:

  • Holy crap I can make Hulk into Bruce Banner and back, and there isn’t even a question, it works smoothly, looks outstanding and it’s one of the coolest features of any action figure that I have ever owned.
  • Let’s talk more about this.  Hulk out of the box can be shrunk down to half size, given regular shoes, not ripped pants and even a jacket.
  • For the Hulk, there is pure anger on his face.
  • For Banner, you get an excellent representation of what a just near pre-Hulk out would look like.

The Bad:

  • Ain’t nobody got time for saying bad things about this Hulk.
  • Oh wait…can I get a Red one just like this too?


The Good:

  • The helmet looks great.
  • Really like having the hair to swap out here.
  • Excellent bright greens do the character justice.
  • Awesome cape!

The Bad:

  • The worst thing I can say here is that it’s Loki and if you have had your fill, you have had your fill.  If not….


The Rest:

  • Go to Toys R Us now and buy this set. Now.


  • You can go to Toys R Us and buy this set, Now.

The Comic:

The Pictures:

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