Minimates Best Of Wave 2 – Deadpool and Punisher

I think it’s been said out loud at one point or another “If you don’t like Deadpool you have no soul”.  I didn’t say it, I don’t condone it.  He may have been the one to say it.  Who am I to argue though.  The Punisher…you can’t hope for a better action figure, he’s about half the GI Joe army in one guy, and he might have 2 more guns than them.  Including these two in a box made good sense…lots of guns, both off their rockers…how do they hold up?


The Good:

  • Guns…lots of guns… in this box.
  • Swords…just the right amount.
  • Everything fits, all the weapons sit nice and gently in Deadpool’s willing hands.

The Bad:

  • No included gross face.  I don’t really want it, but it’s an opportunity is all.


The Good:

  • Guns…lots of guns…and holsters!!!
  • It’s funny to think that I own really bad Punisher figures.  It seems like an easy action figure home run, he wears black, he’s mean.  Well, thankfully, Minimates get it right and this is a Punisher you can be proud of.  As for the bad ones, I’m sure anyone reading this has a good idea of what I’m talking about.
  • This is the classic iconic Punisher I grew up with.  The one that didn’t even need to be more modern or gritty he’s just awesome the way he is.

The Bad:

  • More guns than hands or holsters…okay, I’m just being whiney.


The Rest:

  • Another home run set in a Best of wave.  Surprised? I think not.


  • Available now!!

The Pictures:

 MUReview received this product for free for review purposes.
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