Minimates Best Of Wave 2 – Daredevil and Venom

The Best of Wave 2 has taken me from impressed to enamored with the Minimates toy line.  So much is detailed, so much is included.   Daredevil and Venom continue this epic trend.  Did I mention…each 2-pack comes with their own stands, love that!  Growing up, loved Daredevil, now as I continue to read…good books, not a favorite anymore.  This figure though, rocks.  Venom…never really liked Venom, not until the new run of the Flash Thompson as a soldier venom. That’s just me, but the facial details on this little guy are great.


The Good:

  • I’ve got a thing for holsters and Daredevil has one.  He doesn’t have a gun, but a holster for his billy club.
  • Excellent hook accessory, perfect length string, it doesn’t hit the ground when held.
  • Excellent use of ‘mask comes off’ technology here.  One of the more appropriate characters for it’s use.

The Bad:

  • Come on folks by now you should have the point.  This is the Best of Wave 2, there isn’t much if anything at all to say that is “The Bad”.


The Good:

  • This little teeny tine face barks of pure alien evil.
  • The tongue…worth the price of admission alone.

The Bad:

  • Well strike my statement above.  Venom is a little bit top heavy (size wise), legs are a little on the thin side.

The Rest:

  • Best of Wave 2 is no joke.  The quality in this wave is exploding out of the boxes and Daredevil / Venom don’t really miss a beat.


  • Available now, get it done folks!

The Pictures:

 MUReview received this product for free for review purposes.
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