Minimates: Best Of Marvel Minimates Series 1 – Wolverine and Sabertooth

The Savage Fury and Rage are strong with this pack of figures.  Two of the most vicious characters known to the Marvel Universe are captured at their most iconic in this set.


The Good:

  • Comic perfect, boots to cowl, Wolverine is displayed at the very least, in my absolute favorite outfit of all Wolverine-hood.
  • Of course you can take the cap off and put on awesome Wolverine hair!
  • Claws are sharp and pointy, who doesn’t love that?!
  • Excellent line detail, sharp and clean paint.

The Bad:

  • Love him, I don’t even have something funny bad to say about him.


The Good:

  • When I think of Sabertooth, this is the one I think of, he looks just like this in my brain, perfectly captured!
  • Chest piece and hair are removable to show a stripped down version of Wolverine’s least best friend.
  • Facial line detail is astonishing and accurate.

The Bad:

  • He’s kinda mean.  Probably not a very nice person.


The Rest:

  • If you love mutants, you love Wolverine, if you love Wolverine, you want to buy this because you get Wolverine and the person he hates most.  That’s a bargain at 10x the price.  Even if that price is a million dollars!



Wolverine and Sabertooth Pictures:

Minimates: Best Of Marvel Minimates Series 1 Pictures:



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