Minimates: Best Of Marvel Minimates Series 1 – Thing and Iron Man

Minimates Best of Series 1 keeps the hits coming with the Thing and Iron Man.  Two absolutely classic, must have characters in a single box, the way we remember them from when we were just lil’ns.


The Good:

  • Comic perfect molding for all of his rubbly parts.
  • Exceptional coloring, there is no mistaking this iconic character.
  • Chest pieces comes off to reveal…Thing without his chest piece.
  • Headpiece comes off to show that attention to detail was paid all the way to the top of Things Face.

The Bad:

  • You can’t turn him into human Ben Grimm.

Iron Man

The Good:

  • Helmet is removable to show the absolute most classic of Tony Stark face designs, black hair included.
  • Posed hand displaying a fully armed and operational repulsor.
  • Flight stand that fits just right!

The Bad:

  • This classic character is perfectly captured…but not alcohol scented, so that’s a minus.


The Rest:

  • This is a must have set of characters for any Minimates fan.  Unless you have them both already, this is an incredible set to pick up.



Thing and Iron Man Pictures:

Minimates: Best Of Marvel Minimates Series 1 Pictures:


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