Minimates: Best Of Marvel Minimates Series 1 – Spider-Man and Green Goblin

Call them the Adam and Eve of Marvel Comics if you want.  Most peoples first memories of their love affair with Marvel started with a good guy and a bad guy, Spidey and the Green Goblin.  Both classic characters are captured as Minimates to near perfection!


The Good:

  • This is Spider-Man.  The Spider-Man I grew up with, and he has a Peter Parker head.  That’s all I really want!
  • Clean lines, excellent paint app and very find details in the paint showcase excellent design.

The Bad:

  • Awesome figure, nothing bad to say.

Green Goblin

The Good:

  • Alt Norman head!
  • Alt pumpkin hand!
  • Amazing coloring and paint application, he’s so bright he glows!

The Bad:

  • I was hoping with this Green Goblin I might not have the same issues found with the Zombie Villains Goblin.  Standing Norman on the glider was a little easier, but not by much and still it was ultimately an exercise in frustration.


The Rest:

  • It’s a greatest hits  set of characters you probably already have, but if you don’t.  You can’t ask for any more.  Go git’ em!



Spider-Man and Green Goblin Pictures:

Minimates: Best Of Marvel Minimates Series 1 Pictures:


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