Minimates: Best Of Marvel Minimates Series 1 – Captain America and Thor

Minimates makes no false claim entitling this series of figures a Best of Marvel.  It’s not just that these are the best Marvel Minimates releases, but these are characters that are truly the best, the most classic that Marvel has to offer and they are captured in perfect form to show each character from an incredible highlight in their history.  Today we are going to look at Captain America and Thor.  Two characters that Marvel has built their legacy around nearly as much as your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man.  Their names are nearly, if not as well known, and their history rich with a ton of options for Minimates to pick from.

Captain America

The Good:

  • Everyone’s favorite Star-Spangled hero is here in all of his glory with a color scheme to show his vintage 70’s color scheme.
  • Removable helmet / added hair make Cap and Steve Rogers look true to the comic page.
  • Line / muscle detail is again, page perfect.
  • Very clever mechanism to bind Cap’s shield to his wrist (it’s a whole other wrist!).
  • This Steve Rogers face is Steve Rogers…clean, plain, nowhere near as ‘pretty’ as the Chris Evans face representations in the Cap movie line figures.

The Bad:

  • Fantastic release, love it.  No bad news here!


The Good:

  • The hammer is inscribed and it looks fantastic.
  • Excellent comic-like character detail in Thor’s most iconic uniform.
  • Who doesn’t love a fancy included flight stand?
  • Thor’s plastic cape is not made of cloth, but the paint finish does a great job of fooling the eye!

The Bad:

  • It would have been nice to have a helmetless Thor with hair to match the helmetless Cap.


The Rest:

  • The characters are classic and the representations that Minimates has put together here are exceptionally classic comic-accurate.



Captain America and Thor Pictures:

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