Minimates Age of Ultron Box Set

The Age of Ultron was a much lauded event in the Marvel Universe.  Out of the event we got a few excellent costumes and a beefed up really mean Ultron. It was his age after all, right?  Diamond Select Toys brings the Age of Ultron to plastic in this outstanding box set featuring Ultron, Nick Fury, Angela and Iron Man in their Age of Ultron finest.


The Good:

  • Ultron is always to be feared.  Some would argue, never more than in the Age of Ultron.  This fearfulness is captured exquisitely here.
  • Arms, arms, arms! So many freaking arms!
  • One of my favorite Minimates features is when I get more than one figure in one.  With very little effort you can take Age of Ultron Ultron and make him into pretty normal Ultron.  Win!

The Bad:

  • These things happen, but I’d be remiss in not explaining what the photos show.  My Ultron showed up one whole hand short.


Nick Fury

The Good:

  • Fury has a hand gun.  Fury has a holster.  DJ is happy about this.
  • Excellent jet pack with blast stand.  I’ve had issues in the past with how non-intuitive the more elaborate stands can be to setup.  Thankfully, here with Nick Fury, it was a quick easy setup and the stand is exceptionally sturdy.

The Bad:

  • Nothing to report.


Iron Man

The Good:

  • Iron Man has a removable helmet with …add-able hair.
  • Excellent line detail and artwork exceptionally true to the source material.

The Bad:

  • As you can see by the images of the back of Iron Man, the made in / manufactured in detail in white lettering is nearly a little distracting because of the dark nature of the figure.  Damnit China I don’t care if you made it, you make everything else, I just accept that’s where things come from!



The Good:

  • With Angela becoming incredibly prominent in the Marvel Universe (maybe even becoming Thor?), it’s great to have an excellent representation of her in plastic form.  Very timely.
  • Per usual, I am highly appreciative of the included scabbard for Angela’s sword.
  • Finely detailed, brightly colored, as usual Diamond Select Toys nailed it.

The Bad:

  • My only call out here is that one of Angela’s head wings is bent up by packaging.

The Rest:

  • This is an excellent set and a must have for fans of Age of Ultron, or at the very least, Angela!


  • Keep your eyes peeled you can get this set wherever fine toys are sold, this is up to and including Diamond Select Toys direct and Big Bad Toy Store.


Pictures of the box and the group:

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