Midtown Comics New York Comic Con Exclusives:

From exclusive apparel to must-have variant covers, Midtown Comics will have plenty of goodies to offer at booth #2036 during this year’s NYCC. Midtown has SIX variant comic book covers, SIX exclusive t-shirts, and exclusive Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice caps. We’ll also have 20% off ALL comics and graphic novels, as well as a photo op with Captain America’s iconic shield and Thor’s mighty hammer Mjolnir!

For our exclusive Marvel variants, we have Dan Slott & Giuseppe Camuncoli’s Amazing Spider-Man #1 with a Midtown exclusive cover by Arthur Adams; Brian Michael Bendis & David Marquez’s Invincible Iron Man #1 with a Midtown cover by John Tyler Christopher; Jason Aaron & Chris Bachalo’s Doctor Strange #1 with a Midtown cover by Dave Johnson; and Jonathan Hickman & Esad Ribic’s Secret Wars #6 with a Midtown cover by John Tyler Christopher. We also have an exclusive Jamie McKelvie cover for BOOM! Studios’ Spire #1, by Simon Spurrier & Jeff Stokely. And last, but not least, internet sensation Grumpy Cat has her sights set on the comic book industry. To celebrate Grumpy Cat’s debut issue, Midtown Comics has an exclusive variant cover by Steve Uy, from Dynamite Entertainment!










Look for six exclusive t-shirts, featuring the hottest characters in comics! Spider-Gwen, the new hero everyone loves, graces our t-shirt with art by J. Scott Campbell, and Aleksi Briclot provides a menacing rendition of Ultron, both shirts from Mad Engine. For DC fans, we have FOUR Batman v Superman shirts from Graphitti Designs, each bearing the logo of one of these iconic heroes: Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and the BvS combo logo!











New Era has provided us with exclusive caps that should help ease the wait until Batman v Superman opens in theaters! We’ll have three snapback caps, each featuring the logo of Batman, Superman, or Wonder Woman!







Midtown Comics is also very happy – or should we say “unamused” for this one? – to announce an exclusive variant for Dynamite Entertainment’s The Misadventures of Grumpy Cat #1, with cover art by Steve Uy. Grumpy Cat – who’s actually named Tarder Sauce –  took over the web with her prominent frown, and now the adorable cat is bringing her facial expression to the pages of her very own comic!

You’ve all heard of the Grumpy Cat before. Whether it was from memes or even from her multiple TV appearances, the famous feline has over 32 million views on YouTube and 8+ million likes on Facebook. Now, writer Ben McCool (Captain America & the Korvac Saga) is sending the kitty on an all-new adventure – one that’s sure to be filled with snarky comments. But Grumpy Cat won’t be alone in this comic! She’ll be joined by her brother, Pokey.

Providing art for the new series is Steve Uy and Ken Haeser. As you can tell by the cover, this series will perfectly capture the cat’s unforgettable expression while also pulling readers into a fun journey! Brace yourself for an overdose of cuteness.



The Misadventures of Grumpy Cat #1 goes on sale 10/07/15.


As if all that wasn’t enough, Midtown Comics will provide photo ops, trivia contests, and free giveaways throughout the entire convention! Keep your eyes on Midtown’s social media pages for updates and chances to win!

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