Mezco One:12 The Flash

My first official purchase of a One:12 figure!  This is so freaking exciting!  The Flash!!  So…this is what happened.  They announced The Flash.  I was ecstatic.  The Flash went up for sale, I missed it.  The Flash was listed as sold out.  I was devastated.  Then, outta nowhere, The Flash went up for order…so I clicked, and I clicked hard.  Then, I waited, impatiently, through Toy Fair, where I got to see it in person like 10 times, and love and want it more.  Then…finally….Friday, it arrived at my house, and there was great joy.  How come though?  What’s so good about this figure…well…for one thing, shut your pie hole, what kind of question is that even?  But for the other, you can just scroll…and I’m sorry I yelled at you…but you needed to be told.

The Good

  • The Flash’s outfit is a perfect fit and perfect color.  The red fabric is The Flash through and through from page to plastic.
  • Lightening bolt accent pieces are well designed, look wonderful, and there really isn’t any concern that they’d fall off.  You should be careful using the included flight stand around the waist piece.
  • The standard-eyed head is highly detailed and the eyes look fantastic.  
  • The star of the figure for me is the white-eyed Barry head, the smirk, the eyes, it’s The Flash at his finest, tapping the Speed Force!
  • Accessories apart from the alt head include:
    • 2 alternate pairs of hands, fast run hands and grasping hands. Hands are easily interchangeable.  
    • 4 lightening effects, 2 for hands, 2 for feet…yes, I know I used the hand pieces wrong…I’m silly like that.
    • Speed Cyclone effect, fits perfect on the hand peg, looks great.
    • Stand with standing peg and a full armed flight stand for wall running…what else?
  • Fantastic pose-ability allows the Flash to get into all sorts of great run / jump / speed poses.  Joints are tight but easily move-able.  

The Bad

  • This may be the most minor complaint I’ve ever had, but as a matter of preference, I always liked the Flash bolts high on his boots vs where they are situated here around the ankle.

The rest

One:12 has brought another de-facto figure version of a character to bare on us all, and we…mostly we have to buy it.  This is a great figure, if you are a fan of the Flash, you shouldn’t hesitate.  You should also know that you can pick up a “variant” to this figure as well, Zoom!  Zoom is out now, but could be tough to find, he’s a PX Previews exclusive figure and generally retails for about $80.  


Getting The Flash will be a little tricky too.  The Mezco Official site has an option to be added to a wait list, but The Flash has already sold out twice there.   It is sold out at too.  A sure bet for today, a little more expensive, but you can pick this up at Amazon.  Flash generally retails for about $75.

The Pictures

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