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IT’S HERE! IT’S HERE! IT’S HERE! It’s new One:12 day at MUReview!!  Today, we get our hands on the figure we have waited the whole year for. Classic Superman!!!!  This old chum has gone through a few minor tweaks and costume changes since we first saw him, heck, even since we first pre-ordered him.  Now that he’s finally in our hands, what do we  think about him?  Well…it’s a good thing you asked, and a better thing you are here, because I’m gonna tell you!

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The Good

  • His outfit, let’s start there, I love the fabric color on the blue, the red, the yellow, all pops off of each other.
  • Fit of outfit looks great!
  • Amazing head sculpts on both main and alt heads, Kal-El face perfect lines and depth.  
  • The black hair curl is outstanding. 
  • Cape, his cape is long, flowing, it is plenty of cape to allow for it to be used well with the included cape stand prop.  
  • His S Shield looks, just…amazing.  The way the bullet effects stick to it magnetically, very, very clever.  Looks great!
  • The yellow S on the back of his cape, perfect.
  • Boots, look at the freakin boots!  Shiny just like in my imagination!
  • Included Kryptonite…it looks so good I feel uncomfortable putting it near him.
  • Included chains are flexible and allow for some really cool “break these chains” poses.
  • Included city of Kandor looks, pretty much exactly like what you’d expect it to look like, and exactly what it should look like.
  • With Superman probably more than any other One:12 figure, I’m gonna get a heck of a lot of mileage out of the included flight stand.

The Bad

  • The figure is gorgeous, he’s near perfect for me, but I do have some unfortunate complaints that all seem to be QC related.
  • Supe’s eyes, they are positioned north of center, so he looks like he’s looking up all the time.  
  • The left side of his cape, where it connects to his costume, seems like it’s there tenuously at best.  I’m definitely concerned it will separate and I’m garbage with a needle.  I’m going to have to be careful, and that carefulness lead to playing it safe in review shots unfortunately.  
  • I was hoping for a little more in his neck / head look up range.  It’s good, but I’d like to be able to do the look straight up flight pose that I’ve always dreamed of, but have never achieved.

The rest

Kal-El was 100% worth the wait.  Mezco has delivered big on this One:12 figure and if you pre-ordered, you are getting a package of joy on your doorstep soon if you haven’t already.  Everything about this Superman brings me back to my Superman, the one I grew up with, the one that lives in my head.  Bright colors, curled piece of hair, a mix of Christopher Reeves and the comic Superman of the late 70s / early 80s.  I can’t wait to get him to work, into my Mezco display so that my Marvel Vs. DC setup gets a little more balanced.  As of now it’s Spidey Punisher, Cap, Daredevil, X-Men Deadpool, and Commander Steve against The Flash and The Green Arrow.  Superman is fixin’ to even the odds quite nicely in the battle for Frankenstein’s monster’s treasure.


Superman has long since gone up and down for pre-order at  At this point, if you want Superamn and did not pre-order him, you are going to have to explore aftermarket options.  Amazon has him for just north of $130 and it ships today.  Our friends at are already sold out on this gorgeous Last Son of Krypton.  Let that be an indicator to you, if you want this figure, get it done now before values surge!

The Pictures

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