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Mezco One:12 Summer Exclusive Ultimate Spider-Man (Miles Morales)

Mezco has been knocking every character they touch out of the park, Green Arrow, Punisher, Flash, Captain America, Batmans out the wazoo…  This year, as a “Summer Exclusive”, they offer us not one, but two epic new figures in Ultimate Spider-Man (Miles Morales) and Deadpool in his X-Men outfit.  These summer exclusives were initially available by pre-order directly from Mezco, and then on the show floor at San Diego Comic-con 2017.  It is anticipated that stock of these figures will make appearances at a few more conventions than just SDCC, but for now, they sold out at SDCC and the online pre-orders sold out well in advance of SDCC.  Add to the exclusivity and soldoutedness of these figures, the fact that they are both awesome, and you have wallet trouble my friends.  Talking about just Ultimate Spider-Man Miles Morales here, we find, right out of the package, a lot to love, very cool and innovative accessories and pose-mechanics, this is a figure you are going to wish you had pre-ordered.  I’m so, so sorry if you didn’t.

The Good

  • Rich, deep black costume is highlighted with bright red, well designed and placed spider and webbing.
  • Miles is highly articulated and capable of a ton of spider-poses.
  • This is one of the first non-booted figures from One:12 that I own, the execution of extending the cloth costume to cover feet is really well executed here.  The outfit remains tight over the feet and ankles while allowing for plenty of movement, almost as if by magic.  
  • The mechanic used to make webbing appear as if shooting from the wrists is very clever, there is a ridge in the web sling hands that webbing fits into and it is mounted between  hand and wrist to complete the look and hold.
  • Wall crawling magnetic figure clip is included and really works well, very cool way to toss Spidey up on the fridge.
  • Spider-Head webbing is very well done, looks great.
  • Included magnetic webbing allows for further deep, rich posing options.

The Bad

  • I am not upset about it, but the general Internet grumble is that there are no web holding hands so that Ultimate Spidey can look like he’s mid grab swing.  
  • The other Internet grumble is the height of the figure, he is generally as tall as any other One:12 figure, and consensus is that Miles is a kid and should be shorter.  I go on further down below about how I’m not really mad at that, because I’m not. But it’s worth a mention.
  • Peter Parker Spider-Man isn’t available yet.

The rest

Mezco has done another excellent job of creating a highly coveted, well designed, beautiful figure as a “summer” / “convention” exclusive.  Miles Morales / Ultimate Spider-Man features great accessories and a true to comic look.  Folks are already complaining about the figures height, and yes, Miles is definitely shorter than Peter in the comic-verse, but be educated about manufacturing and figure design if you are a collector.  By changing the outfit, Mezco has an easy and cost effective variant figure that was brought to the “niche” market of SDCC with minimal effort.  If they changed the height of the figure it would have equated to a significant change in design soup to nuts, we simply wouldn’t have gotten this figure at SDCC of this year.  I’m far happier to have Miles Morales Ultimate Spider-Man than I’d ever be annoyed that he was the same height as Peter Parker.  Granted, I’m not picky over things like that anyway, I just love access to more characters in one of my favorite figure lines of this decade!


If you didn’t get Miles at SDCC, and you didn’t pre-order him from Mezco, your options are limited to the aftermarket, and the aftermarket is brutal.  Amazon has the figure listed for $159.99.  You may have better luck camping an auction on eBay.  Either way, if you want the figure, don’t wait too long the prices only go up!

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