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Mezco One:12 Summer Exclusive Deadpool

Day two of Mezco SDCC Summer Exclusives from the One:12 line, and it’s freakin’ Deadpool,  Deadpool in his X-men costume. a little different than his Spider-counterpart, Deadpool is still Deadpool, just in a different set of tights, while Miles is technically an entirely different character.  The feeling here is different, and if I’m being completely honest, I may have purchased this Deadpool for few other reasons than, I am impatient, and just really really want a Deadpool now.  So…mission accomplished there. Thanks to pre-ordering direct from Mezco, this Deadpool showed up at my door last week, just after SDCC I think, in the same box as MM Spidey.  This Summer Exclusive was the first to sell out 

The Good

  • Deadpool looks fantastic, rich teal / blue, bright yellow, very sharp detail lines.
  • DPs forearm and shin guards are scuffed and lightly splattered with red to look like blood and it’s glorious.
  • The leather look on both of his heads is astonishing, the way it looks like there is a face underneath filling it out and the way the stitching comes together. This is one of the coolest looking Deadpool heads I’ve ever seen.
  • Deadpool comes with a healthy collection of weapons, grenades, a handgun (with removable clip), assault rifle with grenade launcher and loadable grenades.
  • Deadpool is highly pose-able and you can get him into whatever position you’d like…which is something I’m sure he also appreciates.
  • He is a headswap away from being a custom of Kickass.

The Bad

  • Deadpool does not have a holster for his gun or any of the grenade launcher rounds.
  • Keeping the grenades clipped to Deadpool is a bit of a challenge when trying to pose / after posing depending on the pose.
  • What a cool opportunity this would have been to include the aged Commander Steve Rogers face as an alternate head!

The rest

X-Men suit Deadpool is really an awesome figure on his own.  He’s still, for me, a tease for the two Deadpools that I’m really desperately waiting for, default suit and X-Force suit.  I’ll take Deadpool any way I can get him though…and I’m sure he’d appreciate that?  Deadpool was a ton of fun to shoot, I even got in a little short story if you scroll through the images.  While my impatience for the other Deadpool figures is what prompted the purchase, this is a fantastic figure, and while it makes me want the others more, I’m really happy to be able to put this on my shelf and have him wreak havoc on The Flash and Green Arrow.  


Before SDCC you had the chance to pre-order this Deadpool direct from Mezco.  You could have then purchased him on the show floor.  You may have a shot at another major convention, otherwise, your only real chance is the aftermarket, and the after market hurts your wallet so hard.  Amazon is listing him for $199+, and it’s only going to get worse from there.

The Pictures

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