Mezco One:12 Spider-Man

I’m a big fan of the Mezco One:12 figure line, and have been since they started pumping out Marvel and DC figures.  Our review record here at MUReview will heavily support that claim, I promise.  But, it’s always a little surreal when a new One:12 figure shows up.  Many of the figures I’ve been lucky enough to review on MUReview for the One:12 line came from a purchase I made in early 2017, First week of February to be exact, kind of making this an anniversary, and also a little crazy, because I ordered this figure, Spider-Man, on that fateful day 2/4/17.  From pre-order to my shelves, a little more than 365 days.  How did the final figure turn out?  Well, he’s definitely different than the Miles Morales One: 12 figure that we got as a Summer Exclusive.  Different better? Different worse?  Different but the same?  What was I talking about again?

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The Good

  • Par for the course now, we are spoiled, tons of great accessories included with this figure:
    • 4 total pairs of hands (wall crawling, fists, web slinging, open fists)
    • 2 heads, one featuring big attentive Spider-Eyes, the other with more squinted focused eyes, both look amazing.
    • a bunch of web accessories including a sweet magnetic one
    • stand
    • “flight” stand
    • magnetic clip (for fridge climbing!)  (this is my favorite accessory…because it’s amazing)
  • Sculpted-on line work on the mask, forearms, hands and feet is exceptional and adds great depth to the character.
  • Front spider on the costume is really just second to none, it’s beautiful.
  • Laser sharp web lines on the painted section of Spidey’s costume.
  • Spider-Man features incredible articulation and can pretty much move however a Spider-Can.
  • The double jointed neck is just awesome.  His neck features a wide range of motion out of the shoulders and then it’s a ball and socket head on top, so he can make all kinds of Spider-Man head tilt poses.  
  • Like Miles, Spidey’s included webbing slips over the hand peg so it’s nice and tightly secured between wrist and hand for display, one of the coolest web attachment mechanics I’ve seen to date.  
  • Seriously…just go look at the pictures, this figure is outstanding, very few hiccups, read on if you insist, but the pictures tell the story.

The Bad

  • I would trade all of the web in the world for an unmasked Peter Parker head.  
  • Outfit bunches up a little weird when raising his arms at the shoulders.
  • This is greedy, I get that, but the sculpt detail on the lower legs, feet, forearms, hands, head and neck, really make me wish that all of the red / black webbing on the outfit was sculpted and not painted.  Physics wise, I have no idea how that would be achieved, but I want more of it because it looks great, and next to the painted on costume detail, the painted on detail, while beautiful, isn’t as rich as the sculpted detail. 

The rest

A long time coming, Peter Parker Spider-Man delivers on the One:12 promise of an amazing figure in a big way.  He was worth the wait for sure, he looks great on the shelf with all of his Marvel buddies, he’s a must have for your One:12 Comic Hero collection.  Does he replace Miles Morales?  I think that depends on how you feel about Miles Morales.  If you dig him as a character, he doesn’t replace him.  If you are the type of person that just needed a Spidey on your shelf until Red and Blue showed up, I’m still not sure really. Miles Morales stands very well on his own as a solid figure and a great character.  I didn’t really answer any questions here, but you should buy this Spider-Man…and the Miles Morales Spider-Man…and the Symbiote Suit PX Previews exclusive Spider-Man (coming soon).  Also, let’s get crazy, we are a full month into 2018, so looking ahead to the outstanding One:12 roster for this year… Doctor Strange, Iron Man, movie Thor, movie Hulk, movie Black Panther, Old Man Logan, Tactical Suit Batman, Deluxe Joker, Wonder Woman, so many more.  And more still on the horizon, …Darkseid still doesn’t have a date yet, but I can’t wait!  It’s on for Mezco in 2018, and if you have been waiting for your turn to jump in, there is no time like the present!


Spider-Man is available now on Amazon for around $100!

The Pictures

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