Mezco One:12 Punisher

So, I’m a little bummed I can’t use my Punisher quote from 1989 again…it would just be redundant, but I’m really excited that I got a look at the standard release Punisher from Mezco One:12!  Months and months back, just after Toy Fair 2017, we gave you an up close look at the Mezco One:12 Toy Fair Exclusive Punisher.  Word on the street is, they only made 60.  I spent a good amount of time on that write up and photo shoot. I encourage you to check it out, it’s a full in depth review of The TF Exclusive Punisher, but it’s also an in depth review of this Punisher, as there are only three differences that my barely trained eye is able to detect.

Instead of a full write up of this Punisher, which I adore as much as the first, if not more honestly (I’m a sucker for the comic colors)  I’m going to call out the three major differences, then I’m going to show you a bunch of nice pictures that I took of this Punisher, which I received courtesy of and in trade with a new friend named Daniel.  Daniel, I thank you for this Punisher, and the upcoming Green Arrow review that I’m excited to share with everyone!

The Differences

  • Difference 1 – the color of the front Skull is white vs. black.
  • Difference 2 – the color of the Punisher’s belt / ammo pouches, here, on the standard release they are leathered and weathered looking almost black brown, on the exclusive, it’s all black.
  • Difference 3 – That Mezco Exclusive sticker on the box! 

The rest

In 2017, Mezco is four Punishers deep.  This one, the Toy Fair Exclusive, the PX Previews, and the ultra limited run of classic costumed Punisher (rumored less than 400).  This will give collectors both joy and fits.  Getting them all will be no small feat, but those that have the Classic and Toy Fair exclusive have a hell of a head start.  


This particular version of the Punisher is the standard release, but it’s been a while since he came out and getting him now will be a challenge.  Less of a challenge than the Classic, PX Previews, or ultimately rare Toy Fair never sold exclusive, but a challenge none-the-less.

The Pictures

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