Mezco One:12 Green Arrow

Man, the Green Arrow went up and down for pre-order on Mezco’s site while I was sleeping.  I don’t know how long it was actually up, but I tend to sleep for really long periods of time.  The moral of the story is, I missed out  on the pre-order.  However, thanks to another blockbuster trade with my buddy Daniel (are there more in the works? I want to bring you more One:12!), I now have my hands and eyes on this exceptional Green Arrow figure.  Interestingly enough, I just went to look for an actual release date of this figure on some sort of One:12 Wiki are official source of information / database of One:12’s….Man, someone should get on that!  

The Good

  • The Arrows…. Mr. Queen comes with a literal amount of 5 individual arrows, 13 counting the unseprate-able bundles.  Each is unique. 
    • Single Arrow
    • Grappling Hook Arrow
    • Explosive silver tip looking Arrow
    • Explosive green tip looking Arrow
    • 3 pack Arrow
    • Quiver full of shafts set that fits snugly and looks perfect in Green Arrows backpack quiver.
  • Can’t talk about arrows without talking about the bow.  Green Arrows bow is sturdy, the string is well affixed to the bow for what has already held up well to light posing.  If you aren’t careful though, you will definitely send an arrow flying, it’s tight enough for that.  
  • The leather work on this figure is unlike anything I’ve ever seen in this or any figure scale.  Buckles, belts, his entire jerkin is so finely stitch point detailed, it is a site to behold.
  • One of the few times I’ve ever seen a “hood” work on a figure.  The way it is engineered with the poseable piping at the mouth of it is really something to behold.
  • HIs boots look armored, and the armor looks battle damaged perfectly. The same can be said of Green Arrow’s bracers.
  • Arrows iconic Errol Flynn goatee is perfectly captured here. 
  • The sneaky back belted dagger looks briliant, and more brilliant still is that you can pose Green Arrow in a reach for it.  
  • 5 sets of hands of all kinds are included here.

The Bad

  • The Mezco One:12 Green Arrow, does not in fact, come with a boxing glove arrow…dang.

The rest

Mezco One:12 makes giant step after giant step with each figure they release, and the place where they started was already head and shoulders above in the scale.  These are ultra-premium figures at an absolutely reasonable price (as long as you pre-order and don’t mind waiting).  Green Arrow adds to the already impressive, and rapidly growing roster of super heroes in the One:12 line that includes a greatest hits of both your favorite DC and Marvel characters.  Do you want this figure? Yes?  Is he worth a kidney?  That’s your decision to make, but as I’m given to understand, you only really need one.


Excitement for Mezco One:12 of any figure variety is at a fever pitch.  They are flying out of stock on websites and while the aftermarket (Amazon / eBay) is still reasonable in price, it’s about the only place left to go unless you are pre-ordering at or a place like  The lesson here is, pre-order if you want it.  You will miss the boat if you don’t, and you don’t want to do that.

The Pictures

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