Mezco One:12 Deathstroke

It’s tough to think of a better way to celebrate the start of a beautiful new year, than with a beautiful new One:12 Mezco figure.  Deathstroke arrived on our door step this past weekend.  We took some time out of the New Years festivities to sit down with old DS, shoot his pictures, and play around and have some fun.  The figure is stunning, and continues on the trend of Mezco outdoing itself with every single release.  …Maybe  I should have saved that statement till the end, but he’s awesome, so if you just want to look at the pictures, I won’t be mad at you.  …maybe a little mad.

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The Good

  • His armor pieces feel sturdy, like they could actually maybe stop a bullet?
  • The look of the armor is bananas.  Incredible shine makes it look metallic, nicks and scrapes all over to show battle wear that all look incredibly authentic.
  • This wear is also shown on Deathstroke’s helmet which, is just so well executed, the way the material shines looks like this is an actual hardened piece of armor.
  • Leather pieces are gorgeous, look like perfect weathered leather from his utility pouches to the sword sheath.
  • Deathstroke has a solid amount of weaponry, and he can hold it all! A sheath for his sword, a holster for his handgun, hands for his machine gun.
  • The sword sheath…so many figures in my life have come with a cross chest strap.  Near every one has failed till this figure (near).  It has always felt like companies were like, let’s give them just enough to barely be able to put this on and connect it.  Not Mezco, they said “here, have the appropriate amount of slack so you can connect this without wanting to break things in your home or office”.  Thank you Mezco!
  • His boots are chunky, they have thick soles with …I mean they look like actual military boots top to bottom, on a figure!
  • DS’s alt head is highly detailed, and while he’s not quite as dashing as Manu Bennet, or as handsome as True Blood Joe, he’s got that perfect weathered comic look with a well applied eye patch to boot.  Boot?  Man his boots are awesome!
  • Mezco is spoiling us at this point, DS comes with two guns and a sword, and it’s expected at this point, because we ARE spoiled, but worth noting, both guns come with removable clips.  

The Bad

  • This figure is brilliant.  My only knock is he isn’t Teen Titans / Comics Deathstroke.  I’m over that and have nothing but love for this figure, but I have this section and I had to put something here, right?
  • I’m a little bummed at the timing of this figure, I did the photo shoot while on vacation from work, so I didn’t have my Deadpools around to join in the fun.  Oh well.  

The rest

In the grand scheme of things, I should be a little bummed.  When I think of Deathstroke, there is chain mail involved and a long flowing tail coming off of his mask.  Fortunately, Mezco has made a figure so sick and amazing out of this Rebirth-esque version of Deathstroke, that I barely even miss my Teen Titans Deathstroke.  Mezco has once again taken and made an incredible figure for a beloved DC character, one who, mind you is probably going to get a lot more love when Joe Manganiello puts on the mask and hits the silver screen (release date TBD).  If you go around the Googles and check out the teaser shot of Joe in costume, it bares a fairly striking similarity to this figure, so that’s a win.  What I’m trying to say is, you can still buy this figure now on Amazon for a reasonable price (sold out at Mezco), so you probably should get on that if he so tickles your fancy.  This figure is another outstanding display of Mezco’s unique design and outstanding execution.  


It warms my heart with glee to be able to tell you that if you want him, you can go pick up Deathstroke today at Amazon!  Just click here!  If Stealth Deathstroke is more your style, you can pre-order him from our friends at Big Bad Toy Store, here!

The Pictures

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