Mezco One:12 Daredevil

When I look at the pages and pages of posts I’ve done, and then filter it down to Mezco One:12 reviews, that list becomes a little less than one full page.  That page starts with the NYCC 2016 Exclusive Daredevil review.  That review started my love affair with Mezco One:12.  Since then, 8 more reviews including this one have come along, and so many …so so many pre-orders, that I am ever so impatiently waiting for.  

I absolutely love Shadowland Daredevil, but a little part of me wanted good ole’ reliable big red Daredevil.  So I went out, moved, shaked, begged, borrowed, stole, and traded my way into this beauty you see below you!  Mezco’s original Daredevil release.  Now, I recently took a look at the original release Punisher Vs. The Toy Fair exclusive.  The differences were limited to the color of a vest and belt.  There is a little more to dig into with respect to Daredevil, so I’ll note the differences and expand on my original review where appropriate.  Again special thanks to Daniel for the solid trade.

The Differences

  • Difference 1 – Suit color.  The biggest most obvious, we go from black on black to red on red.
  • Difference 2 – Red Daredevil comes with two alternate heads, an unmasked Murdock and a half broken masked daredevil.  
  • Difference 3 – Entirely different box, the Red DD is a full size One:12 box, all read with the door and window.  The exclusive box is smaller, no window / door, but has that “Exclusive” sticker on it.

The Good

  • The alternate heads included with this Daredevil make the set for me.  Being able to display DD maskless, where the maskless face looks like an actual person you might see in the street is amazing.
  • Battle damage mask also looks amazing and will lend itself well to all sorts of mid-fight diorama scenes.
  • The acrobatic pose-ability offered here is just amazing.  Incredible articulation mixed with a flexible flight stand, the world is our oyster.
  • The DD sense behind the head piece is still just the coolest add in ever.
  • The different shades and materials of red blend very well here, the plastic guards, the leather, and cloth all come together to show off a stunning Daredevil costume.

The Bad

  • I am fully in love with this figure, I’ve got nothing to say here.

The rest

The production lines must be running hot at Mezco.  One:12 cranks out hit after hit figure.  So many have come since this Daredevil, and there are so many more announced and already pre-ordered.  This red Daredevil figure is now a favorite, like the Shadowland version was before it.  Being that I grew up with this version, or very close to it, he takes the cake for me, and I couldn’t be happier to have him.  I have to once again thank my friend Daniel for the hook up, and Mezco for the making him.  


2017 is the year that people “lost they damned minds” over Mezco One:12.  If you don’t pre-order, forget about it.  That is the case with the large portion of the One:12 releases. Thankfully though, this Daredevil is still available even on the aftermarket at a reasonable price.  Check him out on Amazon.

The Pictures

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