Mezco One:12 Commander Steve Rogers

Welcome my friends, and happy 4th of July to my fellow Americans.  For once, timing worked out pretty cool.  I scored a Mezco One:12 Commander Steve Rogers from a good dude on Facebook for an astonishing price.  It shipped, I managed to shoot it over the weekend, and like I said…timing.  Commander Steve Rogers, THE Captain America greets you on this high USA holiday!  Now, Commander Steve Rogers is, I think, technically a PX Previews Exclusive “variant” of the Mezco One:12 Captain America figure, of which, there are two others, the deluxe classic, and the standard release.  MUReview LOVED the deluxe classic, in fact, he was one of our first two comic based One:12 figures…a patient zero if you will, where the addiction started.  You can check out that review here, it’s also all about America.  For today though, let’s honor what our forefathers fought for, Independence, Freedom, and all the things we hold dear here in the good ole’ U.S. of A!  

The Good

  • Commander Steve comes decked out in his 2000’s run uniform, no flag, but you still sort of have a start and some stripes, all painted against a deep navy blue with bursting red leg stripes.
  • Caps boots are highly detailed, brown to match the coloring of the comics, though it should be noted, in the comics he wears brown boot / shin guards over brown boots.  Still, they look great, and as a variant, you’ll stick close to the base figure anyway.  
  • Included shield is translucent, looks fantastic, and is also magnetic, like the other One:12 Caps.
  • Magnetic shield sticks to Steve’s arm, and to his back harness for carrying.  
  • Steve comes with 9 extra hands for all sorts of fun and patriotic poses.  
  • Included stand echoes the design of the uniform perfectly.

The Bad

  • What a cool opportunity this would have been to include the aged Commander Steve Rogers face as an alternate head!

The rest

It’s the Fourth of July, couldn’t think of a better way to share my patriotic spirit with you, than by sharing this figure.  He’s fantastic, another gem from Mezco One:12.  The only trouble with this over the other Cap releases, is that this is definitely more a collector piece, this outfit is a deeper cut than the other costumes, and some folks may not know who Commander Rogers is.  


Rogers was a 2016 release, so I know, I’m playing catch up here.  That means however, he’s not necessarily a figure you can walk out and buy…mostly.  He is still available (limited) on Amazon though, so grab him up!

The Pictures

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