Yesterday, St. Patrick’s Day, Mezco made their Box O’ Gold St. Patrick’s Day Mystery Box sale live.  For $50, you get at least $100 worth of Mezco Merch, and a chance at up to $500 worth.  The fixin’s could come from anywhere in the Mezco line.  Well, MUReview LOVES Mezco, so we rolled the dice…what did we get?  …before I show you…I ordered this yesterday…it’s here today.  EPIC!  Oh…and it’s still available as of today, 3/18!  It’s sold out.

A Heisenberg Key chain!

A Sons of Anarchy Key chain!

A One:12 Batman…POSTER! 

And the crown jewel of our mystery box, the One:12 scale Frankenstein Door Diorama, which retails for over $100 by itself!  Spoiler alert, this was $50 well spent!  We have a ton of pictures of the dio below, but what you need to know is that it’s amazing, it’s heavy…it’s really really heavy…also, it’s amazing!

  • Highly detailed
  • Functioning door with handles on each side.
  • Treasure chest included (doesn’t open)
  • Cardboard backdrop art piece.

This piece is beautiful.  I don’t have Frankenstein, and I don’t have my One:12 figures with me, they stay at work now, but I’ll be bringing this piece to work to hang with my One:12 figures.  This screams “put the Punisher here!” and I’m gonna do that. 


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