Toys R Us Exclusive Marvel Legends Spider-Man and Mary Jane 2-Pack

Remember back in 2016, SDCC?  Hasbro teased us with a picture of Mary Jane.  One of the best looking Mary Jane figures any of us had ever seen, and she wasn’t even painted!  well, it’s been a long time since then, much has released, much has happened, heck, we are only a few weeks away from SDCC 2017!  Since SDCC 2016, we’ve found out that this marvelous MJ figure would be part of a two-pack with Spider-Man.  Further, we found out the 2-pack would be a Toys R Us exclusive.  Now, thanks to the magic of internet ordering, MUReview has our hands on this awesome 2-pack and we are excited to be able to share it with you!

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The Good

  • This Spider-Man is artiulatorily speaking (made it up, don’t question it) absolutely perfect.  Double jointed knees and elbows, ankle rockers, thigh cuts, ab crunch, butterfly chest joints.  There isn’t a position Spider-Man can’t be bent into.
  • Alternate unmasked head looks like a great version of comic Peter Parker.
  • This is our first 6 inch figure representing the 2015 Amazing Spider-Man costume which features the glowing spider and eyes.  Both are very well executed.
  • Sharp clean webbing lines.  
  • Spidey comes with a bunch of different hands for more fun posing options.

The Bad

  • A few sloppy paint issues, mainly QC, definitely not design.
  • Red pegs throughout, it’d be cool to see the pegs painted one color on one side and another on the other to match the costume.  


Mary Jane

The Good

  • Mary Jane looks page perfect.
  • Add freckles for a Pepper Potts head!
  • That’s a mighty fancy bag MJ!  (same bag used for Green Goblins Goblin Bombs on his Legend figure release in 2016, but this girl works it way better!).
  • The coloring on her hair is remarkable, perfectly blended shades of red.
  • Hair sculpt is again top notch, Hasbro is just killing it on hair with Marvel Legends!
  • MJ’s every day outfit looks great, blue jeans, simple top, sensible shoes.

The Bad

  • No puppy.


The rest

Spider-Man and Mary Jane are a match made in heaven, to get them in this Toys R Us Exclusive 2-pack is definitely a treat.  You get two really solid figures, well designed, that we haven’t gotten before.  Granted, we are awash in Spider-Men, this particular version has never graced our shelves.  Mary Jane, this is a first to 6 inch for her (movie version not withstanding), and what an incredible figure treatment she got.  This is a must have 2-pack, without question!


As a Toys R Us exclusive, your options to pick this set up are limited.  Toys R Us, Toys R Us online, or the wretched hive of scum and villainy that is the aftermarket.  Good news is, it does look like it’s in stock at as of this posting, so have at it!


Family Photos!


MUReview did not receive this products for free, we bought it with our own real people dollars like big boys.

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