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Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy Wave 2 2017 : Star-Lord (Long Coat)
Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 is a run away hit.  The unquestionable leading role of the film is Star-Lord.  So, Star-Lord gets two figures.  The first one came out earlier in the year, and we have an in-depth review of him for you right here!  This second go round changes up his outfit and accessories a little bit, but does it measure up to the V1?  Before we jump in, a very special Thank you to Hasbro for sending us Star-Lord for free to review for you!

The Good

  • The long coat is nailed, it’s perfect.  Amazing color, deep detail.
  • The scarf…does a scarf even work in space?  For Star-Lord it does!
  • Is that a Zune?  
  • Star-Lords blasters fit perfectly on his hip and are further well held in place by the long coat.  
  • Solid articulation here, not as limited as you’d expect by the long coat.

The Bad

  • Star-Lord 2017 V2 is a great all around figure, but you’ll notice in side-by-side comparisons with Star-Lord 2017 V1, the face on V1 is just better sculpted and detailed.  
  • Probably doesn’t fit the scene for the outfit, but it is always appreciated when Star-Lord’s masked alt head is included, it is not included here.  (I know I show it in pictures, that’s the head from the V1).  

The rest

This is a really nice Star-Lord figure. The long coat outfit looks great, the accessories are fun.  Ultimately though, when compared to the earlier Star-Lord release from this year, the face just isn’t on par.  It’s more a fault of the other figure for being really, just perfect, maybe one of the best figure face replications in the Marvel Legends line.  This Star-Lord is by no means a bad figure, a bad buy, or a bad face sculpt.  It’s just not on the same level as Star-Lord 2017 V1.  


Star-Lord is available for “retail” pricing at Amazon.  He’s also available from our friends at BigBadToyStore!  The retail hunt hasn’t really started on this figure wave yet though, so keep your eyes out at your favorite local comic shop or big box store.  Be patient, don’t pay more than retail for a figure that is only just coming out!

The Pictures


MUReview received these products for free for review purposes.

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