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Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy Wave 2 2017 : Nebula
Oh to be young, blue-skinned, full of technology and very very angry at your sister.  Guardians of the Galaxy brought this daughter of Thanos to the big screen in 2014, and in 2017, Marvel and director James Gunn gave her incredible depth of character and enriched her story by 1000%.  Revealing Nebula’s true motivation for her actions on screen brought movie goers to her side, and made us all fans.  When you are a fan of something, naturally, you want an action figure for that something.  Thankfully, Hasbro has our back, and in the second wave of Guardians of the Galaxy 2017, we get Nebula!  And thanks to Hasbro’s amazing generosity, I have Nebula to review for you for free! Thanks Hasbro!

The Good

  • Nebula is a finely detailed character.  Hasbro captures every nuance of that fine detail in paint and sculpt starting with her face.  Each line is laser perfect!
  • The blue skin tone is a perfect match for her on screen visage.  
  • Nebula’s body / body type fits the character perfectly.  Thin, almost frail, but a sturdy overall feel.
  • Nebula includes an extra elbow to hand claw arm that pops in and out easily.  It looks  quite like from the scenes in the film.
  • Sculpt detail on Nebula’s “mechanical” parts is rich and impressive.  
  • Nebula features excellent articulation, ankle rockers, double jointed knees, thigh cut, chest motion, shoulders, etc…

The Bad

  • My only complaint with this figure, while I think it is fantastic, is that I’d really love a comic version of Nebula in 6″.  The universe probably isn’t ever going to get two versions of a character like Nebula in a single toy line though.  Oh well…

The rest

Nebula is one of two characters most people will go into Guardians of the Galaxy, rooting against.  By the end of the movie, most folks will be rooting for her, or at least end up not being mad at her.  The timing for her figure now, is perfect because of it.  What a figure it is too.  Another exceptional recreation of a real world person likeness, even though she’s slathered in makeup and prosthesis, this figure nails Karen Gillan, this figure nails Nebula.  Well done, another rock solid figure Hasbro!


I’ll let you in on a little secret.  For this run of Legends reviews, I shot everything in one day, except Adam Warlock.  For writing though, I wrote the first two  reviews the day after I shot, and now I’m writing a review a day, work, life, it’s crazy.  I don’t want to rush and I want to give you fine folks a good review.  On previous runs I’ve been able to knock in most reviews before they started posting.  Why is this important here?  Well, each day I write a review, and go and look at what these figures are costing, where they are available, and every day it gets a little more ridiculous.  Case in point, Nebula is going for around $40 on the Amazon aftermarket.  She’s sold out for pre-order with our friends at BBTS.  I am here again to give you hope.  Be patient.  These figures haven’t really hit any retail stores yet.  Certainly not in the New York area.  So keep your eyes on the shelves of the stores where you buy toys, and of course at your local comic shop.  It is at this junctureI remind you, don’t overpay for figures that aren’t in wide release yet.  These are the Guardians of the Galaxy.  They are going to hit shelves!

The Pictures


MUReview received these products for free for review purposes.

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