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Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy Wave 2 2017 : Death’s Head II
When I first saw Death’s Head II at the Hasbro Night before NYCC 2016 event, my jaw hit the floor.  He screamed out as being just about the coolest build a figure ever!  How wrong was I!  Fast forward to nowish, 2017, Deaths Head II is out, he’s not a build a figure but a regular single card release, and he’s just astonishing.  One of three comic-based figures included in the Guardians of the Galaxy Wave 2 of 2017, he’s the only figure in wave without a BAF piece (the build a figure is Mantis, we will talk about her in another post).  Thank you to Hasbro for sending us GotG 2017 Wave 2 for free to review for everyone!  Death’s Head II is face-meltingly awesome…and here’s why….

The Good

  • The design of the pieces of his ripped open face is one of the coolest effects I’ve ever seen on an action figure in any scale.  
  • He’s huge and carries the exact right bulk and scale fort he character.
  • The level of sculpt detail on his metamorphic arm is a site to behold.  
  • Paint application is clean and features / adds a ton of depth to the character.
  • Look at the layering in his hair!
  • Hasbro has done another brilliant job at capturing the character source material.
  • Extra “come hither” hand included.
  • There is so much fantastic sculpting and molding to this figure, horns, calf spikes, that cod-piece, belt!  I got to say “cod-piece”!

The Bad

  • Death’s Head II is really an exceptional figure.  The only knock i have is that he isn’t Death’s Head (1).  I love them both, like DH1 a little better.  Death’s Head isn’t a character you expect to see in plastic, so when he comes out you hope it’s your favorite version.  

The rest

Death’s Head II is another marvel in figure making from our friends at Hasbro.  Well put together, amazing depth and detail, captured dead to rights, page perfect.  He is a fairly obscure character, so I’m eager to see where he falls in line with demand.  Folks should want him just because he’s an amazing figure, but those that don’t even know the name Death’s Head may foolishly pass.  I hope not, I want to encourage releases like this forever!  Thanks for nailing another one Hasbro!  Final note…I still can’t believe he wasn’t the Build A Figure of this wave, he’s no less popular than Titus, and about the same size + way more awesome as a character!


Death’s Head II is sold out at our friends at  He’s available for a little over MSRP at Amazon.  I’m gonna keep stressing it.  Be patient.  The figures in this wave have so far seen only a limited release.  Expect things to hit more wide spread over the next month or two and keep hunting!

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