Marvel’s Shocker and Spider-Man 3.75 2-Pack

It’s 2017 and we are still getting amazing Marvel 3.75 inch figures.  In fact, some of the most amazing to grace the line.  Not only that, but they are actually on retail shelves!  I went to a Target this weekend, and found what I am about to share with you.  New comers to this and many lines of plastic may not realize, but …to find something like this at Target, especially without going to 15 Targets first, it’s special.  As part of Hasbro’s 2017 Marvel Legends 3.75″ line, they are releasing several 2-packs, four in fact, 3 movie based, one comic based.  As you will see below, the Spider-Man / Shocker combo is comic based.  The others on shelves, movie versions of Doctor Strange and Astral Doctor Strange, Spider-man and Vulture, and Star-Lord and Yondu.  I’ve yet to encounter the others in real life outside of conventions, but my radar is up and I’m looking so I can bring them to you!  For now, let’s check out what is likely to be the go to, de-facto Spider-Man in your collection for years to come, and a massive upgrade to the only other 3.75″ Shocker.


The Good

  • Articulation warriors, you will want for pretty much nothing!  This Spider-Man is super pose-able, endlessly flexible and features pretty much every point of articulation imagined on a 3.75 Hasbro action figure.
    • Torso swivel
    • Waist twist
    • Thigh cut
    • Double jointed knees and elbows
    • Bicep twist
    • Hinge jointed shoulders.
    • Ball / socket hip
    • Calf twist
    • Ankle rockers
  • This Spider-Man features very sharp and solid line work.  I think there is even more web detail here than the beautiful, but less articulated single card 2016 Spider-Man.  
  • Deep rich blue, bright popping red, the coloring is gorgeous.
  • Good, solid body for this Spider-Man, you can see the contrast in both body and color against the very early Marvel Universe Spidey release.  This body holds the character far better and is in line with the current maturity of Peter Parker. It is confirmed that the body used her is the same as Negative Zone Spidey, Daredevil, Cyclops.  This is a great thing, it’s the best ever!

The Bad

  • While the web sling pose hand is iconic and appreciated, inclusion of an alternate closed fist or open standard hand would have put this further over the top for me.
  • Make no mistake, this is the best 3.75″ Spidey that you will own to this point in history.  It’s a little bit of a bitter pill to swallow that you have to buy him with another figure.  Most will want Shocker, but for those that don’t…  This definitely deserves a single card release.  
  • My particular Spider-Man has a slightly bowed right leg, this is likely a QC issue and hopefully not prevalent against all releases.  Where I found my Spidey, he was the only one. 



The Good

  • The mesh lines on Shocker’s costume are solid, clean, well painted, and standing next to Spider-Man he looks consistent in art detail.
  • Shocker has his bolt belt logo that all the Legends scale kids are going crazy over!
  • Shocker’s gauntlets look fantastic.
  • Standing next to the previous 3.75 inch Shocker (previously available as part of a Spider-Man line of years past), this one just buries that figure.  Looks amazing in his more modern costume, features so much more detail.
  • You can easily get Shocker into most of his iconic poses with the articulation featured.
  • The delination between Shocker’s uniform mesh and his eyes on his face is really well executed.  Great attention to detail here!
  • Even though I prefer the vested boot cuffed Shocker costume, this figure is so fantastic looking I really don’t care that it isn’t my favorite costume for the character.

The Bad

  • Shocker is on a more recent ‘buck’ which features less articulation than figures in years passed, specifically on the torso.  Shocker does a good job of getting into any position you are likely to need, this only falls under “the bad” because standing next to the hyper-articulated Spidey in this set, the differences are glaring.
  • The greedy in me wants an electrical effect piece.


The Rest

Fans of 3.75 should be very happy with this set.  It gives us the best classic Spidey we have ever gotten and addresses a gaping hole in Spider-Man villains in the 3.75 inch line.  The price clocks in at about 10 bucks a figure and that is a solid value!  The only real ding is that if you don’t want Shocker (maybe you just don’t like Shocker) , or another Spider-Man (this is the best, but anyone collecting in this scale probably has a few), you have to buy the two and both of these figures could have easily supported a single card demand on their own.  


This two-pack is fetching aftermarket prices on Amazon at this point.  However, if I found it at retail, you can find it at retail, so start hunting! $19.99 at Target!

Both of em

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