Not too long ago, I got an email somewhat from out of the blue.  Someone from Zazzle reaching out to see if MUReview wanted to do some review posts on some of Zazzle’s products.  Since the whole reason we are here is to bring you, our fine readers, review posts, I gave an emphatic yes to this opportunity, and it is with that, today I bring you our first Zazzle product review ever, the Marvel Nova T-Shirt in grey, size XXL.

Before we dive into the shirt, I want to give you a little insight as to the shopping experience as it was.  I have two modes of shopping.  Shopping for stuff I need…and then…someone says, go ahead and pick something out.  That second mode of shopping is an amazing amount of fun granted only few and far between.  That is the kind of shopping I got to do at Zazzle this past week, and it was amazing. I really tried to go across their library of products, which is absolutely outstanding, to select items to show you wonderful folks, to encourage and enlighten you that Zazzle is an amazing place to shop where you can find everything from a cell phone case to a dart board or lamp, with your favorite brand or property on it.  Their library is absolutely staggering and especially for a Marvel or DC Comics fan, it should leave you wanting for nothing.  The prices are outstanding, shipping is reasonable and the end result, what you get, is top notch quality.  With that, let us dive in.

Marvel’s Nova Icon T-Shirt in Grey

The Good

  • The fit is perfect.  I am a tubby guy, I wear a 2x, but frustratingly some of my older 2x shirts are getting snug, probably because of wash and dry…definitely not because I keep getting more fat!  Here though, the fit is perfect, the length is GREAT!  I can’t stand a t-shirt that is too short.
  • Made from high quality materials, the Nova logo is printed on a Hanes brand shirt.  Hanes makes awesome shirts!
  • The design of the logo itself is Nova perfect.  This is an amazing homage to the Human Rocket, who is my absolute favorite character in the universe, which is why I went with the T-Shirt for this first review…I wear T-Shirts a lot!
  • Shirts are available in a ton of colors!
  • Shirts are available from the smallest of the small all the way up to a 6X.
  • Exceptional price for the product.

The Bad

  • Being a Nova purist, my main complaint here is that the colors available for selection don’t necessarily line up with Nova’s character.  Missing were Navy Blue and Red, both perfect for Nova.  Yellow was available, I’m just not a big yellow shirt guy.
  • No other bads, it’s an awesome shirt!


The Rest

Shopping at Zazzle is an experience.  Nearly an overwhelming one if you don’t know what you are looking for.  The sheer expanse of what you can find with Zazzle could leave you clicking for days.  I encourage you to wander around and see what you can find, you won’t be disappointed.  Stay tuned here, after a few wash and wears I’ll come back and let you know how well the size holds up!


This amazing shirt is available today, go get it!  Also, check out Zazzle’s main Marvel and DC stores!


The Pictures!  Don’t judge me…I’m festively plump.



MUReview received these products for free.

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