One of the biggest movies of 2014 just got really small! The Marvel Minimates line from Diamond Select Toys and Art Asylum will introduce the Guardians of the Galaxy to the two-inch scale this summer, with a full assortment of characters from the highly anticipated feature film.




Anticipated to be in stores in time for the film’s August 1st premiere, the line will include four two-packs that will be available at comic shops and specialty stores. The two-packs will pair Star-Lord with Ronan the Accuser, Drax with Groot, Gamora with a Nova Corps Centurion and Nebula with a Sakaaran Trooper. Each two-inch, fully-poseable mini-figure features interchangeable parts and accessories, including a mask for Star-Lord, knives for Drax and a non-poseable micro-figure of Rocket to hang out with Groot!


Pre-order a set from your nearest specialty store or favorite online retailer, and find your local comic shop at! And for more from Diamond Select, visit their website.


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