Continuing our exploration of the amazing and expansive product offerings at, MUReview takes a look at one of Zazzle’s awesome Dart Boards!  Now, we here at MUReview love us some darts.  I wouldn’t say we play professionally, but we used to win a couple of bucks here and there at a few bars we frequented in our 20’s.  Now, we are too old to go to bars.  Thanks to the magic of Zazzle though, we can buy dart boards, put them in our houses, and even better, said dart boards have awesome graphics on them!  This Dart Board was sent to MUReview for free for review purposes, we are very grateful!

Marvel’s Iron Man Arc Reactor Dart Board

The Good

  • The dart board is an official size / weight board.
  • The Arc Reactor design is film perfect.
  • Dart board includes 2 sets of 3 darts with USA / UK flag flights.
  • Darts are sturdy and have good weight.
  • Dart board is fitted with a sturdy hook for hanging.  Hook is at the top of the board.
  • Though the surface of the board feels thick rigid and solid due to the artwork applied, darts pierce and hold easily as with any standard cork / sponge dart board.
  • It is difficult to tell from pictures, but the sections of the board are easily recognizable in person from a standard official throw distance.

The Bad

  • This is an outstanding dart board, but I do have one complaint.  Many dart board cabinets are sold with a center screw mount vs a hanging top screw.  I would have liked to have the option for the center screw vs the top hanger, or both.

The Rest

Furthering the concept that there is very little you can’t find or buy at, this Iron Man Arc Reactor Dart Board provides an excellent dart playing experience with little left to be desired.


This dart board is available today, go get it!  Also, check out Zazzle’s main Marvel and DC stores!

The Pictures! 


MUReview received these products for free.

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