Marvel Vs Capcom Iron Man and Mega Man 3.75″ 2-Pack

Marvel Vs. Capcom fans rejoice!  We are getting 3.75″ figures! And they are pretty awesome!  This Target Exclusive 2-pack, which I hope is the first of many (..but have no hint or clue that there will be any more than one unfortunately), hits the Marvel Vs. Capcom mark with two game-favorite characters, Iron Man and Mega Man.  The game hits tomorrow September 19 2017, if you haven’t pre-ordered, there are some nifty bonuses…so, get on that!   Right after you finish reading this! Ok, fine, at least look at the pictures!

Iron Man | Mega ManThe Rest | Availability Family Photos

Iron Man

The Good

  • This is definitely an Iron Man we are familiar with.  Updated paint work though, and it’s very very nice looking.  There is a gloss all over the figure that really makes him pop.
  • Tried and true Iron Man, solid figure when he was first released, nice detail, appreciate having him in this two-pack.
  • Fans of articulation will rejoice here, we’ve got chest articulation, a solid range on arms and legs.  

The Bad

  • I know that there is cost savings in re-use, but having him look a little closer to the paint scheme on the package would have really taken this figure to the next level.
  • A level higher still, including the giant cannon that he busts out with mid-fight!


Mega Man

The Good

  • This is a really amazing little Mega Man figure!
  • Beautiful blues throughout.  Exceptionally well matched palate here.
  • He’s crazy game accurate, he looks just like Mega Man on screen!
  • Mega Man is highly pose-able, excellent articulation here, especially for a character that pretty much only runs and jumps in one very specific way over and over again.
  • Energy blast accessory looks great! Fits great!

The Bad

  • It’d be great to be able to take off his helmet.
  • He uses very light weight plastic throughout, makes him feel a little fragile.


The Rest

This epic two-pack features two frequent go to characters in Marvel Vs Capcom lore.  Anyone who got their hands on the Infinite demo will know that these two characters as favorites is a trend that will continue, powerful, fun to play, and …it’s Iron Man and Mega Man.  I feel like i’m speaking to more than Marvel figure collectors here, and I should be, but I will mention to the Marvel collectors, you more than likely own this, or a very similar version of Iron Man.  He’s still awesome, but ultimately, a repaint.  Mega Man though, all brand new.  This is one of my favorite Mega Man figures of all time and this pack shouldn’t be missed!  I really hope they do more.  The Marvel side should be pretty easy for Hasbro to pull off…I mean, they already made Nova Prime…so… maybe a repaint?  Please!?!!?  Oooh! Stay tuned folks, hopefully this isn’t the last Marvel 3.75″ plastic of 2017, keep eyes out for Rainbow Deadpools!!!


This two-pack is a Target Exclusive and will be available for $19.99.  Happy hunting in Fall of 2017!  As a note, not available at Target yet, but you can hit shadier places that charge much more money if you have to have it now…I did…so I could bring coverage to you!


Family Photos!

MUReview did not receive this product for free, we bought it because we had to have it and that’s that.

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